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Grace VanderWaal @gracevanderwaal Grace VanderWaal
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@gracevanderwaal Stay sharp and keep your eyes open everyone now more than ever. It’s important to know that you CAN NOT trust our media and it is just another way we are being manipulated and minorities continue to be oppressed. They will always tell the story that most benefits the privileged and keeps balance in power. This reminds me of what @osopepatrisse said on her live stream, she witnessed police PROVOKE protesters and later the news had a whole other story on the matter saying how chaotic WEEEEEEE are making it for the police. PLEASE NOTICE THE OBVIOUS RETRACTION OF ACCOUNTABLY ON THE POLICES PART IN THIS STORY— THEY WANT TO KEEP THE CONTROL, THEY DONT WANT CHANGE BECAUSE CHANGE MEANS GIVING UP THEIR POWER AND PRIVILEGE. We are demanding change, stay sharp, and choose your sources wisely. #blacklivesmatter
@osopepatrisse #blacklivesmatter
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1 month ago